The Slipper

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The girl stormed out of the apartment still wearing her white slippers and dressing gown. Then made her way to roof top of the hectic apartment complex in fury at her parents. She consider the roof top her place. Her place to sit and forget. Her place of peace when misery, anger and disappointment was wrapped around her. She sat on the edge swinging her feet of side. She was thinking of the future and what it would be like, trying to bring some self-hope of happiness into it.

All of a sudden the girl gasped as she watched her shoe fall from the roof of the ten storey apartment building. Her hazel brown eyes widened in horror when her slipper didn't hit the cold cement ground below as predicted. Instead it landed abruptly upon the head of a handsome young man that was walking past.

The young man stumbled backwards rubbing his head over his new found injury, while him nearly falling over by the sudden assault on his head. The still dazed man looked around for what had hit him and found a simple but father strange, singular fluffy white slipper with a pink bow attach to the top. He ...
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