The Search For Happiness In One The Road, By Jack Kerouac

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Happiness is something that everyone strives for in his or her lifetime. What contributes to happiness is depends on an individual’s traits and qualities. Often times, people relate happiness with wealth. However, happiness is not at all directly related to an amount of money, but simply what brings someone pleasure. For a starving child in Sierra Leone, a solid meal and a clean bottle of water would cause sheer happiness, while for a privileged suburban child living in the LA Woodland Hills, it might take a new TV or video game to bring them enjoyment. Whether or not you are happy in life is your own dilemma, however, the search for happiness is undoubtedly part of everyone’s life. One story that illustrates the idea of pursuing happiness quite well in my opinion is On the Road, by Jack Kerouac. This American novel is based on Kerouac’s travels with his friends across America. The book, about traveling in search of satisfaction, features many aspects of alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. All things that many people use to temporarily relieve their pain.
To provide a brief background: One the Road, features a young New York writer named Sal Paradise. Despite the name, Sal’s life is far from what one would consider “paradise”. Sal has a friend named Dean Moriarty who shows up at his doorstep and the two plan to leave for the West. The road trip begins as Sal and Dean hitchhike to Chicago, then to Denver, and finally the pair land in San Francisco and meet up with Sal’s old friend Remi Boncoeur. Sal ends up staying with Remi and his girlfriend for a while and even got a

job as a night security guard at the same place Remi works. After a short while Sal realizes that this lifestyle isn’t for him. On a bus back to the East he meets a youn...

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...k being content and satisfied with life contributes to nearly all of one’s happiness. Many people will buy a big house, new car, fancy clothes, etc. just to give off the appearance that they are happy, but many times they are not. Despite what people have told you, money IS NOT directly related to happiness. Happiness comes from the simple pleasures in life: having a family, being nice to people, a walk through nature, being loved, the list goes on and on. Does money buy any of these things? No. One the other hand, Sal and Deans problems with finding happiness IS a direct result of not being content, constantly feeling like you need something more, and not being satisfied with your own self being. Just remember, happiness is not a constant thing, and money can’t buy it. Your attitude and outlook is the only think that can end your never ending chase for happiness.
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