The Scientific Revolution, The Enlightenment, And The Scientific Revolution

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Revolution is a change in the already existing system. A revolution is defined more by its results and identified as a revolution after it has started. A revolution brings instant changes that could’ve taken hundreds of years, but began the change automatically. In most political revolutions, violence is usually involved. Examples of this would be the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. Non political movements that produce revolutionary changes are also termed as revolutions because of such a change they’ve made in history. The Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution are evident towards revolution because of how big of an altar they caused the world.
The Enlightenment was a connection to the Scientific Revolution; like the scientific revolution, the Enlightenment involved a new state of mind for society. They used science and reason to help humanity improve itself. For instance, John Locke argued that government exists. He did this to protect the rights of people. He wrote the Two Treatises of Government, and defended the claim that men are f...
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