The Roles Of Women During The Canterbury Tales

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The roles of women was an issue in medieval times and in The Canterbury Tales. In A Knight 's Tale, the women were portrayed as objects. To men they didn 't mean much. Women for them were there to help only when needed and didn 't hold an important role in society. Women were treated differently and had not much of importance. In the movie, A Knight 's Tale, women were treated very poorly. Men were held to higher standards. The men would do mostly everything that was important or popular. Women were held back behind men doing nothing but being support to the men. You could tell the respect held for the men over women. For example when Jocelyn and William argued in the church, the priest came to yell at them but only told Jocelyn to stop. He said no word to William even though he was apart of it. Jocelyn was blamed for having such commotion even though William was very much part of the scene. The priest not once said anything to him but did say it all to her. They didn 't think so much about the role of the women but seen only as an object men had. William and Adhemar show it when they fight for her. Adhemar speaks of her as a prized possession. No woman was taken seriously or cared about. Women were only a big role when the men took interest in her. That 's all the men showed in the movie as they fought for Jocelyn. This was the time that a women was talked or needed at most. The men desired her but she wasn’t someone very important. The blacksmith could be another example as she wasn 't wanted to help when needing something fixed. It 's as if they didn 't believe in them to do the work like men could do also. This is all proving that in the movie women weren 't important in the society. The society treated women differently th... ... middle of paper ... of but that was due to the fact of Adhemar and William wanting her. The way they were being treated was only going to be changed when a woman was a very important role in society which wasn’t going to change at any time soon since the men handled everything. In A Knight 's Tale, women didn’t have important roles in the society. They were held to lower standards and believed to be nothing but an object for men. The women were treated very poorly and were treated differently than the men. In many ways the women were shown to be little compared to the men. Since they didn 't have anything important in society the actions that were towards them were as if they 're peasants Woman had no possibility of ever been treated differently since they were ever going to have a better role in society. This movie portrayed how women weren’t held to higher standards but men were.
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