The Role of Women in Shakespeare’s Othello, Ibsen`s Doll House and Bok`s El Santo Americano

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Literary works were important pieces in the past. They were used to portray the reality of the social phenomenon. Artists based their works on the existing social order so that their works could attract and retain the attention of the target audience. It served to enhance their relevance in the society. For instance the works emphasised on the place of members of the different genders in the society. this paper focuses on the role of women and their proper conduct as portrayed by William Shakespeare’s Othello, Henrik Ibsen`s Doll House and Edward Bok`s El Santo Americano. William Shakespeare`s Othello is a tragedy written in the 17th century. The play is about a Venetian army general whose life and matrimonial union was destroyed by his cunning and envious soldier. The two main female characters in Othello are Desdemona, Othello’s wife and Emilia, Iagos wife. Women are important in developing the plot of Othello. In this story women are viewed as inferior to men. Their role is to stay at home and take care of their husbands. They are the custodians of the marriage relationships. They should be meek and faithful in their marriages. Desdemona portrays this role of an ideal woman. She is beautiful and faithful to her husband. When Othello accuses her of infidelity she still sticks by him to protect their relationship. She is so submissive that when Othello hits her, she leaves his presence to avoid offending him. Othello accuses her yet she has the heart to look for a way to win him again. Othello mistreats her until he kills her but she remains subject to him. she protects him by lying to Emilia that she killed herself. Emilia portrays an independent feminist who is a contrast of Desdemona. She talks back at her husband Iago. She t... ... middle of paper ... ...dependent. Evalana has can choose to go with clay or stay. This is the reason he chooses to kidnap them. When Evalana tries to escape, Clay holds a gun in his mouth ready to take his life. It shows that women have equal rights in their relationships in the play. Sophocles uses his character Antigone to show that women should stand for what is right and good to them and the whole society. He reinforces the independence of a woman. He shows that women should be obedient, visible and they should also be heard. According to Sophocles works, a woman has the right to follow her thoughts and desires. She can stand for what she believes in. Shakespeare challenges the independence of a woman. He demonstrates that an ideal woman is the one who is submissive, obedient and meek in the presence of her husband. He shows that a woman should not take a position higher than a man`s.

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