The Role Of Women In The Great Gatsby

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The 1920’s underwent a significant shift in the roles of women in American society. In the previous decades the woman’s sphere was to be in the home taking care of her family, but in the 1920’s women pursued education, politics, and occupations outside of the home. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald effectively demonstrates how the women of this time period interacted with society. The Great Gatsby was written in the 1920’s, so it can serve as a first hand account of the perception of women. Fitzgerald’s opinion of women can be seen throughout the novel and it can be concluded that his opinion was swayed towards women being wild nuisances in society. The 1920’s woman was dubbed the “new woman” whose appearance was physical evidence of…show more content…
Within two marriages, there are two extramarital affairs. These take place between Gatsby and Daisy as well as between Myrtle and Tom. Both Tom and Daisy appear to know about the affairs going on, but fail to do anything about it. They are passive aggressive when dealing with each other and continue to wreck people 's lives in the process. Daisy leads Gatsby on without seriously considering leaving Tom. Originally, Daisy promised herself to Gatsby, but instead, married Tom to fit into society’s standards. However, this idea of following society’s standards is cast out of her mind because she becomes consumed with the pursuit of her own pleasure than with her household. This is exactly the type of woman Zelda was in her marriage. Zelda had an affair with Edouard Jozan and in her opinion, it was not a symbol of unfaithfulness because sex was a fairly impersonal transcendent experience (Lanahan 25). Lanahan further argues that Zelda was the model for many of Scott Fitzgerald’s fictional heroines is not a point to be debated. It was no secret even at that time that he used Zelda and Zelda’s experience in the interest of his art. Fitzgerald’s use of Zelda to create his characters displays how accurate his depiction of the 1920’s woman is. Especially in the case of Daisy, Zelda can be seen. From being unsatisfied and therefore turning to another acquaintance for attention, to her wild and careless attitude towards life, Daisy’s character closely resembles the historical facts of Zelda’s life. The carelessness of the women in The Great Gatsby affects the relationships between men and women in the
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