The Relationships Between Absurdism and Concepts of Death Depicted in Camus' Novel, The Outsider

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I will discuss the novel, the Outsider by Albert Camus and the relationship between Absurdism and the elements of death, freedom and physical gratification. Absurdism is the most prominent motif expressed in Camus novel, in order to successfully understand its full meaning and prominence throughout the novel; we must firstly understand the motif of absurdism and its relationships with other prominent themes within the novel. The themes that relate most strongly with the concept of absurdism within the novel are death; this plays a central role throughout the novel in relation to absurdism as Camus shows us the conflicting and arbitrary treatment of death within society. A treatment, that leads to the confusion of Meursault’s actions and which ultimately reveals the nature of the absurd prevalent within the novel. Freedom; Camus shows the relationship between absurdism and freedom within the novel as dependant variables, dependant on one another as through absurdism, freedom is achieved and through freedom alone the absurd may be realised. And the physical; Camus displays the relatio...

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