The Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe describes , in this story , the arrival of a tragic plague : the black death . The characters in this story are the Prince Prospero and his guests, invited by him in his palace to try to escape the disease ; protagonist but perhaps the greater the mask of the red death . "The Red Death had long devastated the country . No pestilence had ever been so fatal , or so hideous . Blood was ITS Avatar and Its seal " The narrator of this story is omniscient and narrates the events in the first person , in the narrative, there is a definite plot , but corresponds perfectly with the fable : we can therefore speak of a parallel totale.La story is divided into three main sequences : the first serves to give the reader , the definition of the moment in which the story takes place , and announces what is happening in the narrative ; The second part contains a description of the abbey and its inhabitants ; in the third sequence , the more narrative , there is the unfolding of the whole story : with the arrival of death and its consequences . The story was set by Poe in an imaginary dimension outside of space and time, in a principality devastated by the plague called "The Red Death ." The Prince Prospero thousand courtiers locked himself in a fortified abbey equipped with all the amenities. After a few months of withdrawal , the Prince Prospero organized a fantastic masquerade party . The dance that takes place in the castle may represent the course of life, through different experiences, represented by the true colors of the rooms , while on the whole dominates the relentless time . The pendulum of ebony , with its chiming marks its inexorable and not coincidentally is placed in the seventh room , the one t... ... middle of paper ... ...Despite appearances to the contrary , namely that Prospero wants to defend itself from infection , Prospero because the craving is the effigy of death. The room is the objective correlative of Prospero's desire to end the INS seesaw between dreams and reality on earth. The alienation and frustration of Prospero arising from the inability to transform their dreams into reality , and the projection dell'anelito of death that is embodied by the image of the room, it is the most obvious representation . The clock stopped keeping time , the braziers went out. The Darkness, the decomposition and the Death reigned over everything. " I think this line , the end of this story, is that I do not need to hide in a magnificent castle , isolated and bolted , Death , in this case the Red Death , will also the way to go in and show up at the right time, at the stroke of midnight.
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