The Pursuit of Democracy, Roused by the Egyptian Tahrir Square Uprising and the Spanish Acampadas

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USA in the financial district of New York, Wall Street, Zuccotti Park on September 17,2011. An encampment is starting to take place, with a roughly drawn plan. People are initially protesting Wall Street, but this small movement starts to spread across the United States and it was paradoxically due to its unclear purpose. Protestors are now, widely, showing the outrage regarding Uncle Sam’s Society, and each new day saw a hurricane of improvements, new occupied sites, challenges, civil arguments, critiques and results. In spite of the fact that the development did not issue obvious requests, one thing rapidly got clear: that this was a leaderless movement composed of the "99%" of the expansive masses of individuals robbed of their due offer of public opinion's riches and open doors via moguls and billionaires which are the “1%” left. Then the main goal was slowly getting a shape: the pursuit of “Democracy”, roused by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, looking for the end of the substantial defilement of the U.S. pseudo-democracy system. But the question is, what is “democracy” from the point of view of the “99%”? “What is Our One Demand?” In fact, that “one demand”, implies much more than one change in the political, social and economical U.S. system, mainly based on moral concerns. The main problem raised by the movement is “disparity”, whether it is economical one, social one or ethnical one. Its goal is nothing but stopping the corruption and cultivating the resurrection of the country's initial democratic promises. Occupy Wall Street typifies the disappointment of numerous U.S. nationals at the current monetary atmosphere and foundation in America. Numerous see that or... ... middle of paper ... seems utopic in the other hand – of requesting what it can't, by definition, attain. It fails to offer an intelligible hypothesis and subsequently its praxis is additionally imperfect. As being what is indicated, it sets out on an "occupation" that excavates a multitude of police against its vanguard, and opens that vanguard to police mercilessness, capture, detainment and long haul criminal marking. Which is often the case for any socio-political distress under free enterprise, yet, knowing that it's not sorted out as labor, the development's requests are effortlessly released by the bulls eye of the challenge. I personally think that this rebellious potential, nonetheless, is going to be the key to many changes , but not the degree of changes that OWS is hoping for , it will need some time to get what they are asking for , but I think that it is realizable .

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