The Protestant Reformation: The Purpose Of The Protestant Reformation

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570 words

The Cause of The Protestant Reformation

In 1500’s the Roman Catholic was all-powerful in Europe as there was no legal alternative at the time. The Church jealously guarded its position with so much force that if anyone went against the learning’s and the ways of the church was burned at the stake and labeled as a heathen. Some of the causes for Protestant reformation were the corruption within the Catholic Church because during the time of the black plague as soon as people knew they had the plague they knew they were going to die within a 3 day period after developing the symptoms of the black plaque, so the people affected would have paid their local catholic ministers for indulgences so they were guarantied to get into heaven and not go to hell or purgatory. Martin Luther exposed this particular practice in 1517 through the 95 theses, as he was upset that people and Catholic ministers could make God over look peoples sin just by being bribed through brought indulgences.

The Purpose of The Protestant Reformation

The purpose of the protestant reformation was to expose the corrupt...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the roman catholic church was all-powerful in europe in the 1500s as there was no legal alternative at the time. martin luther exposed this practice in 1517 through the 95 theses.
  • Explains the purpose of the protestant reformation was to expose the corruption within the catholic church through the practice of protesting against the church.
  • Analyzes how martin luther's 95 theses changed the way europeans processed their belief in the lord. he proposed separating the political powers from the grasp of the currently corrupt catholic church.
  • Analyzes how the protestant reformation divided christians and reshaped political and religious values across europe. it led to the concept of anti-authoritarianism and the medieval feudal system.
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