The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuality

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One of the most widely discussed current events in our society is homosexuality. It seems as though everybody has an opinion about this subject, whether they are for, against, or even confused by it. Christians are no exception to this rule. Views of homosexuality vary between and within denominations and their congregations. Some churches adamantly protest allowing homosexuals the right to get married, while others prominently display an image of a rainbow flag in front of their building, assuring passersby that people of all sexual orientations are welcome to their church. Some churches, on the other hand, seem to show reluctance in taking a position on the matter. According to Cadge, Day & Wildeman (2007), “Rather than articulating clear positions, many mainline Protestants have messier responses to the issue than simple position statements suggest” (p. 256). This implies that churches are aware of the sensitivity of the subject and are reluctant to take any decisive position, perhaps out of fear of the wrath of members from either side of the argument. …show more content…

There has already been quite a bit of research conducted on Christianity and homosexuality. According to Whitehead (2012), only a mere 5.7% of churches have chosen to establish a formal statement to welcome homosexuals to their church with Evangelical churches among the least likely to have such a statement, at a low 3.9%. Cadge, Day, & Wildeman (2007), found that there are a variety of factors that could influence a particular congregation 's approach to the topic of homosexuality, which included the church 's previous involvement in matters of social justice, the presence of homosexual individuals within the community, and the availability of denominational guidelines for dealing with

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