The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

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One of the utmost debated concerns in the United States is physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Several people consider it exceedingly unethical and unfair for patients to ask and/or plead for their health care provider to end their life; whereas others feel it is their right and within their power to be able to choose how and when they die. The supporters of physician-assisted suicide believe it should be legalized because the thought of living dependently on someone else and becoming a burden is dreadful. They also feel it is inhumane to force someone to go through the suffering and/or excruciating pain caused by terminal illness. Supporters believe that everyone has the right to a dignified death on their own terms. Those…show more content…
Commonly when deliberating religious oppositions to the “aid in dying” movement, palliative care options are brought forward to defer attention from religious beliefs and contribute to the persuasion of standing against physician-assisted-suicide for the terminally ill. Kathleen Foley wrote in the introduction of her 2002 book, The Case against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life…show more content…
Death with Dignity laws authorize a terminally ill patient to accelerate an inescapable and inevitable death. It 's not suicide nor euthanasia; rather, a potential option if the pain from the underlying illness becomes too much. Death with Dignity laws allow mentally competent, terminally-ill adult state residents to voluntarily request and receive a prescription medication to hasten their death. (Death) While some religions like The American Baptists Churches, Buddhism, Lutheran Church, and Methodist accept Death with Dignity is different from physician-assisted suicide and/or euthanasia, the official position of the Catholic Church remains “that killing of a human being, even by an act of omission to eliminate suffering, violates divine law and offends the dignity of the human person”. (Religion) Pope Benedict XVI is commonly quoted for disagreement on this topic. The Pope stated “"Scripture, in fact, clearly excludes every form of the kind of self-determination of human existence that is presupposed in the theory and practice of euthanasia (Religion).” The Pope, a very well-known religious idol, has many followers who support his every view. Having said such a bold statement really demonstrates his standpoint along with the Catholic Church on this issue. The National Catholic Bioethics Center wrote in an article titled "A Catholic Guide to
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