The Prideful In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Although Odysseus shows he is prideful in Homer’s Odyssey, he also demonstrates rhetorical skills, wisdom, and compassion, which makes him an effective leader. Throughout the epic poetry in Odyssey, Odysseus shows he has rhetorical skills; This means he is able to use his skills of persuasion to get out of tough situations. An example of this is when Odysseus is talking to Penelope and he gets her to believe it is him and not a random stranger. Penelope tells Odysseus she had people move their bed, but Odysseus knows this could not be true, so he talks about things only he and Penelope would know. Also, in the epic poem Odyssey, Odysseus is able to use his skills to convince Circe to turn his men, pigs at the time, back into men. While standing before a banquet, Odysseus requests that before they eat, Circe must “put/ heart in [him] to eat and drink” (10. 92) by freeing his crew, for “[he] must see them.” (10. 93). While Odysseus finishes talking, Circe is rushing to return his crew back to men. Who does not want a leader that can persuade effectively in order to save lives? As well as having rhetorical skills, Odysseus is also demonstrates wisdom. While up in the …show more content…

When Odysseus ignores Eurylochus’s warning about Circe, he is being prideful. He knows the men have been turned into pigs, so he wants to be the one to save them from Circe. This is an example of bad leadership because when Odysseus went to the men, he could have died or gotten them all killed. Another example of how Odysseus’s pride does not make him an effective leader is when he yells, “Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye”(9. 418). When Odysseus yells this he is giving up his name, which is then used to put a curse on him and his crew; the curse does not allow anyone on the boat to live other than Odysseus. So over the length of a few years, all of Odysseus’s crew dies on their journey

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