The Power Of Identity In Richard Rodriguez And Bell Hooks

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When you are eating food, you have taste buds-which are sensitive. The taste buds are on your tongue, which then they send a message to the brain, where the brain receives it. This action tells you what is happening with your body. Looking at Richard Rodriguez And Bell Hooks essays, which they show the struggles that they went through during their time, when they were growing as a people. The ability to code-switch was a struggle for Rodriguez and Hooks, who came from a different discourse community, which the power of language had already perceived their identity. The term code switching means switching personalities among certain discourse communities, and the use of language to define us in every day life. We often face code switching in everyday life, but we must acknowledge- when it is happening. Having the ambition to overcome our struggles is already hard enough, even though it could be in school: work: among our own family. Doesn’t the power of language perceived our identity? In addition, with other obstacles: which we face in our lifetime. These obstacles can be from our family, work, and our family. We have to get rid of these distractions in our life. For example: going to school and then going to work. We all attend school, which we strive for an education. Sometimes we have to work, while we are getting an education. According to Richard Rodriguez, who wrote “The Achievement of Desire” states, “ Not for the working-class child alone is an adjustment to the classroom difficult. Good schooling requires that any student alter early childhood habits” (599). There are people who only focused on school, which they developed good study habits, and other people who do the minimum work for school. We considered good study h... ... middle of paper ... ...ll give us identity. You already have made a gigantic impact on the world, which influences other people. You must leave a story behind for others, because People like Rodriguez had left a story about his struggles while trying to achieve his education. Rodriguez has left a legacy for other people to hear about. Once you find out what struggles you have in life, which you can overcome them with help from other people/teachers/friends. Then you are able to leave a legacy for other people to hear, whom I think that Rodriquez Hooks, and Anthony is trying to tell to be ambitious. We are the only people who can really change the world, and were also in control of our identity. We also use the power of language to define ourselves among people and communities. It is time to make a difference! You now have left a legacy for people to pass the story to future generations.

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