The Physics of Music

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Physical science is the study of non-living matter which I will be talking about the physics of music, and how pitch and frequency play a role together in science. Physics is known to be the most fundamental science, based on the principle and concepts. It deals with matter, motion, force, and energy, (Shipman-Wilson Higgins, 2013). In this report I will be dealing with pitch, frequency sound and waves which are also dealing with physical science and how they our related.
Sound is (a) the physical transmission of a disorder (energy) in a standard and the physiological response generally to pressure waves in air. However, the sound spectrum has much lower frequencies and is much simpler, with only three frequency regions; the infrasonic region (f<20Hz), the audible region (20Hz20 KHz), (Shipman-Wilson-Higgins, 2013). Depending on the volume of sound can be determined as a low or high frequencies.
Sound is a type of longitudinal wave that originates as the vibration of a medium (such as a person’s vocal cords or a guitar string) and travels through gases, liquids, and elastic solids as variations of pressure and density. The loudness of a sound perceived by the ear depends on the amplitude of the sound wave and is measured in decibel, while its pitch depends on it frequency measured in hertz, (Shipman-Wilson-Higgins, 2013).
We hear sound because circulating conflicts cause the eardrum to vibrate, and feelings are transferred to the acoustic nerve through the fluid and bones of the ear. For example loudness is a relative term. One sound decreases source. As the sound is propagated outward, it is “spread” over a greater area. The minimum sound intensity that can be detected by the human ear...

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...tify any musical notes by memory. There is a certain scale used to determined sound of perfect pitch. The music scale consists of tones and mostly scales and octaves repeating themselves.
For instance, C major is C D E F G A B [C] which our the scales to music, with the bracket indicating that the last note is an octave higher than the first C you started with. A single scale can be revealed at many different pitch levels. Which are the rules to music, from playing instruments to singing a song; this is the fundamental building blocks of sound in music.
Pitch can be interrupted differently due to who’s listening. Everyone will hear something but everyone will determine their on sound. This is really amazing to me. Being a musician, either singing or playing an instrument can help your ear hear the same thing but you will always have a different interruption.
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