The Pelman V. Mcdonald's Case Study

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For decades, consumers have demonstrated an increasing concern that several businesses have little to no concern for them, their well-being, and the degenerating social order. For this reason, it is essential for businesses to try to avoid endangering or exploiting consumers and focus on creating an excelling society. Fortunately, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a valuable structure that can be utilized to manage and enhance customer relationships, as well as improve and protect the welfare of society as a whole in a more organized and effective manner (Hartman, Des Jardins, & MacDonald, 2014). In essence, corporate social responsibility can provide organizations the opportunity to maximize its positive impact while minimizing its negative impact on society (Des Jardins, 2008). Given the importance of being socially responsible, one will elaborate on the Pelman v. McDonald’s case. To include, discuss whether McDonald’s restaurant should be criticized for selling unhealthy products and for their deceptive advertisings.…show more content…
In the middle of it all, the Pelman v. McDonald’s case emerged. The Pelman v. McDonald’s case is based on a lawsuit that was filed against McDonald’s corporation by the parents of two teenagers who alleged that McDonald’s fast food was the cause of their obesity and health problems (Benloulou, 2005). Moreover, the case contained allegations that McDonald’s corporation deceived the public by omitting the unhealthiness of their products. The Pelman v. McDonald’s lawsuit was filed and dismissed several times. In fact, the case’s final disposition is unresolved to date, nonetheless, the concern that obesity may lead to numerous diseases and deaths remains (Benloulou,
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