The Norfolk Broads

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The Norfolk Broads

In this piece of coursework I will be looking at the Norfolk Broads. I

will write about where they are, what they are, how they were

traditionally used, tourism, and wildlife. I will also be writing a

letter to the Norfolk Broads authorities acting as an owner of a boat

company asking permission for a licence to put 10 boats on the Broads.

And I will also be writing against the proposal for the boats as the

leader of the local environmental group. And the last piece of the

coursework I will be writing a conclusion whether I think Bill

Moredosh should or should not get his licence for the 10 boats on the

Broads. I will be summing up the arguments for and against the

licence. In this piece of work I will include pictures and maps of the

Norfolk Broads, and graphs.

What is so special about the Broads area?

The region popularly known as the Norfolk Broads, or Broadland, is a

landscape of slow-moving rivers, fens, marshes and waterlogged

woodland located to the east of Norwich. It takes its name from some

50 shallow lakes, the great majority of which were hand dug in

mediaeval times as a source of peat for fuel.

There are some 190 kilometres (120 miles) of lock-free waterways in

the region, and it is not therefore surprising that it forms one of

Britain's most important centres for waterborne holidaymaking and

recreation. Broadland also contains a wealth of bird, insect and plant

life, and is therefore highly valued by conservationists. This

hypothesis from

Originally proposed as a National Park in 1947, the region was

eventually afforded comparable status in 1988, following the passing

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...reas that are allocated for wildlife not for the tourists. If they do

not know how to approach animals like birds, and scare them off. If

the birds have just laid eggs and the tourists scare them off they may

never return as they can be to scared to return and the young birds or

other animals may die without food as they cannot fend for themselves

when they have just hatched.

More Litter will be a problem if you accept this application because

more people equal more rubbish. Where will the tourists put the

rubbish? If they just put it anywhere it could cause pollution. If the

rubbish is put in the river the pollution could kill the fish, and

keep it polluted so reproduction cannot happen.

I do hope you think about this application very seriously as it could

affect the whole environment and scenery if you do accept.
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