The No Child Left Behind Act

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A wide variety of issues, locally and nationally, are affecting education, and will continue to affect education until these issues are addressed and solved. Overcrowded classrooms, shortages of supplies, low teachers’ salaries, dilapidated buildings, and high substitute teacher use are a few of the issues that have affected many schools across the nation. Even though a few of these problems have been resolved, many still remain. These issues are determined by the location of the school and the type of school, either private, public, or charter. The current issues in education that will influence my teaching, based on my beliefs, pertain to The No Child Left Behind Act, time management, lack of flexibility, school budget cuts, technology, and bullying. Effective in 2001, The No Child Left Behind Act was proposed to nationally test all children under the same conditions and with the same test annually in order to prevent students from being trapped in a failing school. However, the focus on these mandated tests steered the teachings of reading and mathematics to a whole new level. With curriculum focusing the majority of its time on reading and mathematics, scores have increased across the nation, but a large gap among students still exists (Jennings & Rentner, 2006). Those who are smart prove to be smarter, but those students who struggle, still seem to struggle. The pure memorization of facts being taught under these conditions are going to negatively effect students in the long run upon entering high school, college, and their future endeavors. The benefits of The No Child Left Behind Act are currently being debated. This Act raises concerns because it will influence me as a teacher and how I will teach in the next ... ... middle of paper ... ...fluence my teaching by not allocating adequate time to teaching subjects outside of reading and mathematics. Time management and lack of flexibility will influence me by not allowing me to fully use my creativity nor to give my students the individual attention they deserve. School budgets will influence my teaching either positively or negatively depending on whether my district is funded or cut. Technology will influence my teaching in a positive way by allowing students to use computers and other tools to actively participate, make choices, and execute skills in the classroom. Finally, bullying will influence my teaching by making me take responsibility for preventing these occurrences. Even though these issues may come and go, or permanently stay, as an educator I will not let them prevent me from giving my students their chance at a well-rounded education.

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