The Negative Impact Of Globalization

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Business management is managing people, operations and organizations to some objective or specific goal. Globalization is efforts of organizations to provide products or services throughout the world. Managing of international markets and businesses on a global industry requires innovative approaches. Globalization makes the impact of business management easier and increases efficiencies for most companies. The products and services that used to be exclusively found in a developed country are increasingly available around the world.

The impact of management in the globalization of business can also be defined as innovation implementation. This is a process by which integration occurs through a worldwide network of communications, governmental interventions and a more free flow of trade. These impacts give rise to development opportunities with the opening up of additional markets that allow for a larger scale brand experience. Access to new resources provides for lower operating costs and as a result increases the shared cultural values, and provides a superior competitive position for products and services. A more competitive position can be leveraged to the advantage of those organizations that are more
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The resulting effects are improved quality of products and services in an effort to offer a better experience than another similar product or service. The positive impact of management in the globalization of business on societies and cultures has been to grow new cultures where they have welcomed people of other civilizations and backgrounds. The impacts of globalization are evident from customs to movies, to languages, musical styles and even in cooking styles. The world is getting smaller and with more globalization we have more villages to include. This inclusion allows us all to become better citizens of a more global society at
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