The Napster Controversy

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The Napster Controversy From the writings of Burke I get the understanding that he believes that representation is done through the idea of symbols; symbol making, symbol using and symbol misusing. He believes that we use language, that we use it best in a nonverbal way in which we all can understand. And that language verbal or not is the essential key to all representations through any lens or idea. He also believed that we invented the idea of anything to be negative and that we are what makes things negative. Simply put; All things are good until man makes it otherwise. And by using Burke's "lens" we can look at the internet use of Napster and see how different people have found different views of it and how now some people deem Napster as bad or in a negative lens they see Napster. The Napster software, launched early in 1999, allows internet users to share and download MP3 files directly from any computer connected to the Napster network. The software is used by downloading a client program from the Napster site and then connecting to the network through this software, which allows sharing of MP3 files between all users connected to the network. Napster does not condone copyright infringement, there is no opportunity in the software to stop this, or for royalties to be paid to the song belongs to. The reaction from recording artists, record labels and other music industry players has been varied, but primarily anti-Napster. The first action to be taken against Napster was by the band Metallica. In April of this year, they sued Napster Inc for copyright infringement. The case was settled out of court when Napster agreed to ban some 300,000 users who had allegedly downloaded Meta... ... middle of paper ... - 4/9/00 Napster Boosts CD sales - survey - - 4/9/00 Napster Details Copyright Case Defence - - 2/9/00 US Appeal Court sets Date for Napster Trial - - 2/9/00 Napster Loses Preliminary Hearing - - 2/9/00 Napster throws Metallica a Curvevall - - 31/8/00 Napster to Face Music in Courtroom - - 2/9/00 Napster is Ordered to Halt Swap of Music - - 2/9/00 AOL Unit Runs Napster-like Search Engine -

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