The Music Industry Has Affected By The Internet

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Has the Music Industry Been Affected by the Internet The internet is now being used in many interesting and curious ways. The music industry, although, has been abused by free websites. They are offering information on how to get new music without permission from the artists. People go to free websites and download all the unlimited music they want for free. This is really hurting the artist themselves. Since so many people download free music. Although the internet has also been saved by the music industry. Illegally downloading music has been a huge impact in the music industry. “Singers and bands are the public face of the music industry, but creating, recording and promoting a song takes a large team of people. As record companies have seen their profits decrease, they have cut positions they are no longer able to afford” (Amy Adkins). Since the record companies profit decrease, they cut positions they can’t afford anymore. “The RIAA reveals that more than 71,000 jobs have been lost as a result of illegally downloading music” (Amy Adkins). Music was very successful back in the past but now is being loss by music piracy. Artists dealing with people copying or stealing their creation without them approving of it. They also distribute the music and make money off of something that they never created themselves. Internet piracy has been a cause of a lot of argument. It’s grown and become the new thing of communicating in our generation. The internet gets so many people together with so much content. Not many of the people and products are being honest. A lot of musicians feel that their art is being used. They feel like their rights have been taken away. What they need to do is stop all the people who are behind this and ... ... middle of paper ... ...can listen to it for as many times as they would like. The recording industry is trying very hard to end what they see as a risk. "It [RIAA] also launched a national campaign designed to scare college students away from mp3 piracy and persuade universities to take a stronger stance against pupils who use their campus accounts to swap these files" (DeVault, E; 02). The industry has really gotten out of hand. It’s really changed in a blink of an eye. What the internet can do today is incredible. It’s become much faster to get through websites and easy. All this music being uploaded to the internet is also very strange. Are the labels really going to be able to stop all these people from uploading? No one really has the answer for that, only time can tell. It’s also being saved by certain streaming-music services. Illegally downloading is good and bad in its own way.