The Movie ' Bamboozled ' By Spike Lee

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After viewing the film Bamboozled by Spike Lee I feel as though he is suggesting that racial stereotypes will continue to be emphasized in television and other mass media outlets but as a way to provide entertainment. From a person working with the media’s perspective, many communities are growing towards becoming more diverse in which would lead them to think of an effective way to connect with a hugely diverse audience. Many races have common stereotypes that the media would use to connect with their audience on a personal level, sometimes it would be seen as offensive, but avoid conflict with their audience and maintain their image they would add comedic effect so it would only appear as a joke. The Media’s main job to attract their audience to their televisions, newspapers, radios, or any other media outlet is for them to be eye-catching. There are many racial stereotypes that many people are familiar with but would see it as inappropriate to address due to racial stereotypes being a controversial issue. As mentioned in the movie, Bamboozled, Dunwitty also known as the Vice President of the CNS, a large television network, states “… I want you to create something that people want to see…You know and I know "niggers" set the trend, set the styles. This is a golden opportunity now. These idiots have to be led to the water.” Which expresses how much the media cares more about the people viewing their shows instead of what the show is really about. Since many media outlets care more about receiving views from their audiences they usually don’t think about what kind of shows they are projecting to the public as long as they are getting views. Many would argue that as long as the show is receiving a lot of views and people ... ... middle of paper ... ...e has over the media and how the media uses that same power to their advantage giving them what they think would catch their attention. If people are tired of racial stereotypes being used in the media they would have to take a stand to stop it on their own because if the people show any type of interest it would only be taken as they enjoyed it. The media will only continue to use what they can to get the views they want so if people continue to give them views no matter what they project to the public it would they will only continue to see the same issues back to back. Views and Ratings are what the media sees when it comes to creating shows, news, music, and etc. so if consumers try to control the media using the views and ratings against them they would have no choice but to change what they put out to the public in order to regain the views they may have lost.
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