The Minister's Black Veil Summary

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Three Messages From Veil
Three Messages portrayed in Hawthorne's, “Minister's Black Veil”
Many people reacted with shock or agitation after a minister began wearing a crape upon his face. A crape is a piece of black cloth worn as a sign of mourning. Nathaniel Hawthorne was intrigued with the pathology and psychology of the human mind. One example is, “indirectly participated in the growing medical trend of pathologizing excessive religious fervor.” (Goldman) Hawthorne wanted to play with the human mind and see how they would react based of their beliefs and emotions. In Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil, there are three main messages.
Hawthorne Portrays a message of fear of change in his story, The Minister's Black Veil. Mr. Hooper went to church everyday like a normal person. All of a sudden he began showing up wearing the crape, and people wondered why at first but then fear arose when he quit communication with the people and only preaching day after day. “Thus narrowly, yet with reverence, does Hawthorne analyze the delicate traits of human sentiment and character.” (Tuckerman) Nathaniel Hawthorne was interested in psychology and how the human mind worked. People began to fear saying “he has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face.” (hawthorne) People feared he was becoming of threat. …show more content…

“Hooper's veil was a badge of shame for the illicit relationship he had had with the young lady whose funeral is described in the story.” (Montbriand) He wasn't wearing the veil because he had wanted to. Mr. Hooper wore the veil to hide the secrets he had and he did not want to speak to others about the situation. People ran after trying to force him out of his shell. “Are you ready for the lifting of the veil that shuts in time for eternity?” (hawthorne) They told him he could not stay living in the past and that he needed to move

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