The Midtown Murder

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“The blade that was used to kill the Abbotts was a double sided, double edged switch blade that had been very, very finely sharpened,” stated Holmes. Of course me not having the slightest clue how he came to this conclusion asked, “Well, how did you figure this out.” “Well, apart from the cuts, which were quite fine cuts indeed, there was a stab wound in the lower right side of the abdomen about where the kidney is. I almost missed the cut, it was so fine. The wound had almost resealed itself and the robe had soaked up the blood, so there was no obvious wound to see. That is why I was using the ruler Watson. I was measuring how deep the wound was. The length of the blade, or at least what was inside of her when stabbed was six inches, which is a very standard switchblade size. The length of the wound was three quarters of an inch, which again is a very normal size for a switchblade, so my conclusion is that the blade used for the killing was a switchblade or a blade of the same dimensions. “Well that was very impressive Holmes. I think that the stab at the side of the abdomen would have most likely been caused if there was a struggle between Mrs. Abbott and the attacker” “Yes I would agree with you, since Mr. Abbott does not have a wound in that area, it is most likely that there was an altercation between Mrs. Abbott and the attacker,” Replied Holmes as he walked around the room. He suddenly stopped in front of a makeup table. “Watson do we happen to have a picture of our killer, Mr. Wallace?” said Holmes as he picked up one of the frames lying on the table. “Um… I’m sure that Dawkins has a picture somewhere. After all, they did confiscate all of the furniture and paintings from Mr. Wallace’s first estate,” I replied as a walked ... ... middle of paper ... ...and their punishment will come in due time, but killing then will do you no good. It will have to be the gallows for you. There’s just no other option.” ~~*~~ “We then brought him down to the station. Quite a racket he made.” “Very true Watson,” said Chief Dawkins, “we could here him half a kilometer from the station. He was very loud indeed. My assistant came up and said ‘Chief there seem to be a man screaming from just outside. I think you should come’ quite a shock seeing you two” Ms. Hudson then brought out the food for Sherlock, Chief Dawkins, and myself. “Well,” said Holmes, “lets start to eat. We don’t want the food, Ms. Hudson, made to get cold.” “Here, Here” said Chief Dawkins. “To London, and all of its crazy sociopaths giving us jobs!” said Holmes. “Ha Ha, good one Holmes,” cried Chief Dawkins, “To London! “To London!” I cried. The End By: Michael Pirie

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