The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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The Metamorphosis is one of seventeen works Kafka had published. The rest of his manuscripts he ordered to be destroyed when he died. The Metamorphosis published in 1915 is a popular work that is interesting to say the least and everything readers have come to expect from Franz Kafka. The story takes a look at humanity and the lack there of. Isolation also plays a role in the overall theme of the story. Analysis of Gregor’s character reveals an inner version of Kafka, his emotions and vulnerabilities in this twisted tale. Humans need and require other human contact constantly working does not allow a person to build any sort of lasting meaningful relationship or connection. Franz Kafka built post mortem relationships with the world on a large scale through his writing. He was quoted saying that “I need solitude for my writing; not ‘like a hermit’ –that wouldn’t be enough –but like a dead man” (Gregor). Most of Kafka’s work was published post humorously by his supposed friend Max Brod. Franz Kafka during the period of time he was alive, before he died of tuberculosis, worked as an insurance man in order to make a sufficient life for himself. In spare time and after work in the evening is when he worked on his writing. This secluded him from many people giving him little time in life to do much else other than work to pay bills and work on his writings which he had a passion for. Even though Kafka did not have fulfilled relationships his coworkers thought that he was easy to socialize with and that he had a great sense of humor. Throughout his life Franz Kafka not only had trouble maintaining friendships, but also had suffering relationships in his personal life. He was engaged twice to the same woman named Felice Bauer, but the... ... middle of paper ... ... other people still felt out of place like a misfit. Being thirty unmarried with no children was not normal in his time period. His parents being not accepting of his creative gift were probably more than disappointed that aside from getting a degree he did not use chose to officially be a writer for a living even after he got sick and resigned from working. The Metamorphosis is essentially Franz Kafka’s diary or journal. He was able to express some of his innermost feelings and thoughts without the backlash or criticisms of the people close to him that caused him to feel this way. This is important because people need to express their individual voices ignoring a problem will not make it go away the problem will destroy that person or persons eventually. The Metamorphosis, Gregor, and Kafka are examples of this because they lived miserable lives and then they died.

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