The Magnetic Fields Of The Magnet

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Introduction: Magnetism was not studied or utilized before 1821 as it is today. A few hundred years ago people understood how magnets worked, but didn’t have many applications of the magnet because they were limited by the technology of their time. The applications of magnets today have opened a new door as to how we can harness the power of a magnet. I had a basic working knowledge of how magnets worked, such as polarity, but with researching different aspects of the magnet I have learned that we need to advance the potential capabilities of the magnet and fully understand how we can harness the magnet. In my research I looked at how a magnet works, the physics behind a magnet, the magnetic fields of Earth, why can’t magnets be used as energy, and magnets for pain relief benefits. Magnetic Field of Earth: During the times of the ancient Greeks, they discovered stones that had the capacity to attract metals such as iron which is believed to be iron that had been electrically magnetized. They began experimenting with the rocks they had found that were magnetized and discovered that when they rubbed the stone on another piece of metal, that it also became magnetized. The Chinese later used this technology, and adapted it to what is now known as the compass, they discovered that it pointed to the directions north and south. William Gilbert then posed the question that what if the entire Earth is magnetic? We surmise that the Earth gained it’s magnetic fields, from the electric motion and current from the molten core (Nave, R). The magnetic field of Earth is directly attributed to the “Dynamo Effect”, this definition explains the origin of the main magnetic field of Earth, and it’s creation through the fluid motion within Ea... ... middle of paper ... ...eatment for pain, but in minor cases it may help some individuals recover faster (NCCIH.NIH). For further uses of magnets in the medical fields the NCCIH is researching the integrations of magnets in new contemporary applications to aid in pain relief. Conclusion: Magnets have had a slow and humble start but quickly took off, the discovery of their ability to be affected and effect electrical currents around them. They have been attempted to be used in conventional and nonconventional ways alike from converting energy to relieving pain. We’ve learned that because they are unable to generate their own power we cannot use them as a power source but we can in fact use them for power conversions. I believe further studies in field of magnets will reveal further applications of magnets in the future and quite possibly the application of magnets as a power source.

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