The Magna Carta

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Throughout history there have been many important documents that have altered and bettered our world. One of these important documents includes the Magna Carta, also know as The Great Charter of the Liberties. The Magna Carta has filled an important slot in our world’s history and is one of the most significant documents of medieval England. It has introduced a rule of laws to England, giving the people rights that the King took away from them. This document has also set a foundation for the United States of America government, which lead our people to follow England and create our own Bill of Rights.
Before the Magna Carta, England was rooted in the ideas of feudalism. Feudalism was introduced by William the Conqueror after he victoriously beat Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. William needed a way to control England so he established the feudal system. The feudal system allowed William to keep the people of England loyal to him while he was off at war with neighbouring countries. The feudal system was a pyramid of powers and everyone had a rank and role. The top of the pyramid was the King and below him were different ranking that all gave loyalty to the king while he gave them land. This system lasted for two hundred years, until the tyrannical rule of King John who had ultimate control over England and infuriated his people. For example, King John angered the Roman Catholic Church and consequently the pope banned all church services in England. Unlike most English kings, John was not only a terrible government leader, but a military one too. He experienced loss and defeat in 1204 as he attempted to gain back his territory in northern France. As he suffered loss, John had to accumulate more money so he re...

... middle of paper ..., the sixth amendment which is the right to a speedy trial derived from clause 40, “To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, right or justice.” This is not a coincidence how these two amendment relate to the clauses of the Magna Carta, since the Magna Carta was such an influential document on the English government we adopted it into our own constitution, which still lasts today.
Though the Magna Carta started out with limiting King Johns ruthless reign in 1205, it impacted human history so much more. Throughout the timeline of history the Magna Carta transformed England from the tough monarchical ruled country into one of the greatest parliamentary democracies in the world. Not only did the Great Charter create Englands government, it set the foundation for one of the greatest documents in all of history, The Constitution of the United States.

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