The MIA System: A Short Study Of The Xmania System

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On the second day of class, the Professor Judit Kerekes developed a short chart of the Xmania system and briefly explained how students would experience a number problem. Professor Kerekes invented letters to name the quantities such as “A” for one box, “B” for two boxes. “C” is for three boxes, “D” is for four boxes and “E” is for five boxes. This chart confused me because I wasn’t too familiar with this system. One thing that generated a lot of excitement for me was when she used huge foam blocks shaped as dice. A student threw two blocks across the room and identified the symbol “0”, “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E.” To everyone’s amazement, we had fun practicing the Xmania system and learned as each table took turns trying to work out problems.…show more content…
Our team represented the Xmania system through cubes boxes. Our team had one member who wasn’t present on the first day, so we had to first teach him about the operations in application Xmania before proceeding. We worked together as a team to reconstruct the Xmania system for our presentation. We took a few minutes in silence then debated about possible number systems using only the five symbols given and how it relates to the Xmania. As a group, we decided on using the example: “AA + E = B-. We wrote down on the paper about the rules for our number system and explained how to inscribe a small and big number in our system through a number-line. We also presented on how to do a basic arithmetic such as adding. We remembered to design a representation of the symbols to explain our basic understanding of the Xmania system through our poster for the class to view. We were prepared for any inquiry from the students about our concept but everyone understood our points. I felt my participate in the class discussion was adequate for our presentation but I applied more with focus and care in design the Xmania chart and in result, our presentation went

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