The Lost Colony Of Roanoke Case Study

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What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
The destiny of the Lost Colony of Roanoke is one of the biggest America unsolved mysteries. It is said that a group of 90 men, 17 women, and 9 children were set to arrive on a small island named Roanoke, just off of what now a days is North Carolina. The leader of this group was names John White. It is said that just a couple months after the arrival of this colony, John White had gone back to England to resupply. While on his way back he ran in to Queen Elizabeth who wanted every ship in sight to fight off the Spanish Armada. He was stuck there for three years. When he finally returned to Roanoke Island there was no evidence that there even was a colony once there. The only clue as to where they went was the letters “CROATAN” carved on a nearby tree. There are many theories as to just what happened to this colony. There is a theory that they all suffered starvation. Another one states that the Indians, who inhabited the island before, had captured and killed the colonists. One other theory is that they ran away with the Indians because John White had not returned in time. The most factual and most proven theory as to what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke is that they left their forts and resettled among the Indians.
The main and only people to go were Englishmen. There was John White, the leader of the new found colony. There was Eleanor Dare, the daughter of John White the governor. There was also going to be a new arrival. Eleanor Dare was excepting a child to be born on the new colony; her name was going to be Virginia Dare. She was expected to be the first English child born in America. White had remained in the colony of Roanoke to see his daughter have his only grandchild...

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...w for colony of Indians and Englishmen.
The unreliable theories like they starved to death and they were captured and killed by the Indians are very unrealistic. As for the many theories of the colonies demise the most trustworthy one is that they moved away to a new place with the Indians because they feared they would no longer have a leader because of the time it took White to come back from England. There are many facts too back this theory up. For example, in later generations of Indians they were lighter skinned showing that they could have had marriages and children with the colonists. There was also the “Virginia Pars” map show of a location on where they could have relocated. In the end one can conclude that the colonists who disappeared on Roanoke Island most likely resettled to a different location on a new Croatoan Island along with the Native Americans.

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