The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates are considered among “the most significant statements in American political history” (Johannsen). The debates derived from the senatorial campaign in 1858 between Stephen Douglas, the Democratic senator, and Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate. The two politicians debated publicly throughout seven of Illinois’ nine congressional districts. By Election Day on November 2nd, Illinois citizens were aware of the primary issues of each man’s political stance (Schulmeister). The debates previewed the issues that the nation would face in the Presidential election of 1860. While many topics were discussed in these debates, the one, which caused the most contention, was that of slavery, specifically its role in the territories and forthcoming states (Encyclopedia Britannica). Other topics discussed throughout the debates were the “authority of states to control slavery within their own borders and whether the Dred Scott decision had been a reasonable one” (Schulmeister). Douglas and Lincoln’s views on the expansion of slavery were diverse. Stephen Douglas was ...
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