The Life of an Executioner

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It was starting. I could tell because everyone started cheering and shouting. I could sort of see the far away arms of the noble who was presenting the execution on the platform tossed in the air, milking the crowd for more applause. Almost everyone was cheering at the top of their lungs. Everyone except for me. I was repulsed by that filthy nobleman; by the whole execution. I couldn't see the man about to be executed, but in a way, i was glad not to. I had no intention of looking into the face of a man in pure terror. The noble put down one of his arms, and kept the other one up, outstretching it forward and facing his palm to the crowd, and everyone went silent. The executioner awkwardly limped forward to hand the nobleman a scroll. The noble nodded, and the executioner stepped back into his place. The nobleman unwound the scroll and began reading. That was when I received the unfortunate knowledge of the name that belonged to the man about to be executed. "Godot Barton," the nobleman said loudly, so the crowd could hear. "You are here for your horrid act towards a member of a hi...
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