The Life of Samuel Johnson

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Samuel Johnson, prominent English author, lived a life which was appears to have been unpretentious on the surface, however his life was filled with numerous complications, extreme suffering and massive psychological troubles. Also, despite all the struggles and suffering in his life, he had a “passionate concern for humanity and even said, ‘I have often thought that there has rarely passed a life of which a judicious and faithful narrative would not be useful’” ( Green ). Samuel Johnson was born September 7, 1709 in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England in the home above his fifty-two year old father’s struggling bookshop. His father had gained prosperity but it did not endure the enterprises he was involved in, forcing the family into financial distress. As a result, Samuel Johnson would feel the financial distress for the first fifty years of his life. Sarah Ford, his mother, was forty years old when he was born. She was from a respectable family but married a poor man of intellectual tastes (Green). His parents did not share a happy marriage and rarely conversed. After his father’s death he developed an appreciation of his mother’s character and determination; she would operate the bookshop for almost thirty years. On the other hand, she was firm, narrow minded and self-centered which made her unable to fill the emotional needs of her children (Green). It is speculated that Johnson’s younger brother may have committed suicide at the age of twenty-five and Johnson’s life would be plagued with psychological issues which were directly related to his mother (Green).

Even though Samuel Johnson’s childhood was filled with illness and poverty he grew up to become a big powerful man. He lost sight in one of his eyes and...

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...ut what is the cause of his tics; psychosomatic (Green) or Tourette Syndrome (Wikipedia). Wikipedia did not state a cause of death, stabbing himself with scissors (Green) or his burial at the foot of Shakespeare (Green). Wikipedia does not discuss the dissatisfaction of his parents relationship (Green). Also Wikipedia does not discuss the relationship between his psychological problems and his mother (Green). Even though the articles share differences there are much more information correlates between them. Thus, Wikipedia appears to contain a reliable source of information that can be substantiated about the life of Samuel Johnson.

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