The Life of George Fredric Handel

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Georg Fredric Handel was born in Halle, Germany in 1685. Though everyone saw Handel’s talent for music, his father was vehemently set on sending his son to law school. Later on, Handel’s talent was discovered by a duke, who insisted Handel be put into music lessons, on then did his father agree to send him to music lessons. By the age of 12, Handel had far surpassed his teacher in playing the organ.

Trying to follow his father’s will, Handel attended a law school, until he took a job at an opera theater. Up until he moved to Italy in 1706, Handel played as a violinist and composer for the Hamburg Opera Theater. Handel lived in Italy for 4 years, were he both further honed his skills in Italian music, and met many influential people. Handel made quite a name for him-self while in Venice, and became quite popular.

In 1710, Handel was chosen to be the director of the choir for the Elector of Hanover, and decided to visit London. Handel settled there two years later. While under the employment of George 1, Handel left without permission and went to work for Queen Anne. When Handel visited in London, he composed the first London Italian opera, Rinaldo; he also spent time composing for Queen Anne, even writing operas for her up until her death. After the death of Queen Anne, the Elector of Hanover, George 1 became King. Since Handel had disappeared without permission or rather played traut on the former Elector of Hanover, he and King George were not on good terms; however, the relationship was said to be reconciled by the King’s love for the baroque orchestra that played The Water Music, which was composed by Handel. All wrongs were said to be made right after the King heard the gripping tune.

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