The Life of Buddha

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Siddhārtha Gautama, most commonly known as Buddha, was born around 563 BC. (Chopra 3) He was born to a wealthy family and was never in need of anything. However, Buddha felt his life was incomplete and lacked happiness despite having a wife and son. I am going to report on Buddha’s life and his journey to enlightenment. I chose to report on this subject because I find the life and teachings of Buddha to be very interesting. Although he was much older before receiving the title, Buddha, I will refer to him as such throughout my report. As a child, Buddha knew only luxury and knew nothing of how the world really was. He felt something was missing in his life and decided to set out to find what it was. He reached enlightenment 6 years after setting out as a truth-seeker and he planned to share his new found peace to the world until he died. Here is his story.
Buddha was born to King Suddhodana and Queen Maya, into wealth, luxury, and happiness around 563 BC. His father and mother wanted their son to, “…know only luxury and never see suffering.” (Marchant 6) Some Scholars disagree on the place of birth, some say present-day Nepal while others say present day India. ( Buddha was given three palaces and anything he could want or need; he knew only happiness. He was sheltered as a child because his father wanted him to know nothing of the evils of the outside world. All through his young life, he knew nothing of the real world, of the suffering and agony some endure. Buddha lived in these ideal situations well into adulthood, although he had come to feel that there was something missing in his life. He married Princess Gopa and they had a son together. Buddha named his son Rahula, meaning “chain” or “fetter.” He felt the b...

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...m. He needed to make sure that there were no questions or doubts before he left them for good. After everyone said there no doubts, Buddha blessed them all and lay down on the couch. He passed away peacefully with his head facing north. Buddha’s day of death is celebrated as Parinirvana Day. Buddhism had very many followers, and it still does today. Likewise, Buddha was very loved and cherished, just as he is today. The teachings of the Dharma are still relevant and people search for enlightenment every day. Buddha set out to find enlightenment and then to share it with the world. I don’t know if he thought it would become as widespread as it has, but he was very successful and convincing others that his path was the one to follow. Anyone looking for a simple peaceful life, Buddhism is a great choice for them.

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