The Life and Works of Paulo Coelho

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Paulo Coelho - is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He was born in August 1947. He published a total of sixteen books - novels, annotated anthologies, collections of short stories-parables. (Paulo) When Paulo was seven years, he entered the Jesuit school of San Ignacio in Rio de Janeiro. ("Paulo Coelho") Soon he started to hate compulsory religious rituals, however, in spite of his aversion to the prayers and masses, he received at this school and lessons learned. It is there, Paulo discovered his true calling: to be a writer. (Alef) His first literary award was handed to him in a school poetry contest, and his sister Sonia recalls how she received the prize for his work, which is found in the trash. ("Today") However, to his parents their son’s future was seen differently. (Paulo) They wanted him to become an engineer, and tried to restrain his desire to prove himself in the literary field. Inflexibility of the parents piqued Paulo spirit of contradiction, and he began to violate accepted rules of behavior in the family. (Paulo) His father found his antics as the signs of mental illness. At age seventeen Paulo twice placed in a psychiatric hospital, where several times subjected to electroshock therapy. (Paulo) Thereafter Paulo briefly became involved with the actors of one troupe and began working as a journalist. (Paulo) Little-later, before dedicating his life completely to literature, he joined the movement of amateur theater, that time he was working as a theatre director and actor at the same time. (Paulo) In the eyes of the inhabitants of the time, the theater was a hotbed of immorality and promiscuity. Frightened parents broke their promise not to touch him more, then a third time sent his son to the hospital. Coming ou...

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... He is a man quite extraordinary for “courage being”. His outlook is very close to a majority of his readers. I think, everyone should read his book “Alchemist”, because it reminds us of what we have forgotten, unfortunately, we forget so much important.

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