The Life and Literary Achievements of Bram Stoker

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One of the greatest horror stories of all time, Dracula, has changed many different people’s lives, including the life of the man who wrote it. The places that Bram Stoker has visited and experiences the he has gone through can be seen in Dracula as well as in several of his other novels. His experiences have led to a novel that is still widely read and has inspired other author’s works. All of this success from a man who was not expected to live long.

Abraham (Bram) Stoker was born on November 24, 1847 in Clontarf as a premature. He was the third of seven children that Abraham and Charlotte Stoker had. There were four brothers and two sisters in this middle-class Irish family. He was christened Abraham but used the nickname Bram. On December 3, 1847, Stoker was baptized in the Church of Ireland, which was where Abraham and Charlotte were members. Stoker would continue attending services with his family while he grew.

Born a premature, Stoker was a very sickly child. It was never determined what the cause of Stoker’s sickness was. Most of his time was spent in bed due to the fact he could barely walk. Not until Stoker turned seven would he be able to walk on his own. During this time his mother would entertain him with stories. These were supernatural tales that Stoker would remember throughout his life and later use in several of his novels.

Stoker began his education at a young age being taught by an Anglican divine. This took place first in his home, which was now in Dublin, and then at a private day school. When Stoker had fully recovered he began to attend Trinity College in Dublin studying science, law, and mathematics. Despite his illness that he had during his childhood, Stoker excelled in athletics. He...

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... experiences coming from his tours and from the stories his mother told him as a little boy. Many of his writings have been published but by far Dracula is his best-known story. Through Dracula, Stoker becomes a well-known author and inspired others to write similarly.

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