The Lady Or The Tiger?

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“The Lady Or The Tiger?” (Rough Draft) Now let us go back a few days prior to the current events. Upon learning of her father’s decision to place her lover on trial, the young princess approached her father to see if she could sway his decision. Knowing that she was cherished above all else, she thought that she could revert his decision and free her young hero from the clutches of fate. “Father,” said the young princess. “Do you not love me above all else in this world?” she asked. “More than anything,” replied the semi-barbaric king. “Is it then not your wish to preserve my happiness because that is what will give you the greatest joy?’ she then asked in a way that only a daughter can ask a father. “Child,” he replied, “The happiness that you seek is not the happiness that is befitting of one of such high esteem.” “My word is law, and the law states that the blood of the common people and royalty do not mesh well together. The purity of our royal blood line must and will be maintained.” "But fear not my precious beauty,” he said in a tone that hinted with a touch of sarcasm. “Should the young man choose right, his fate will have him spend his days with the most prized of young maidens that I have found.” It was then, that she knew of the one her father had chosen for her lover. The one, who if decided by fate, would occupy her place in the bed that she had shared with the one who possessed her heart. The thought of this inferior creature possessing the one man who understood her true nature infuriated the future queen. How could one of such lowly stature possess something that she could not? After all, she was the future of her kingdom. This did not bode well with the princess. Fixed with a determination surpassed only by her ... ... middle of paper ... ...d her to the extent that her semi-barbaric natured demanded. The idea of the young maiden bearing the children, which the princess knew should be hers, gave rise to her usually dormant rage. All the while, the princess was also thinking of going through her days without being able to set her eyes upon her life’s one true affection. Would she be able to bear witnessing his demise at the hands of the ferocious beast and not having given the information that could have spared him such a horrid fate? Would the memory of him serve her better than his physical presence? Never had the princess felt so powerless while at the same time possessing the all encompassing information that would inevitably decide her lover’s fate. As the princess sat with her thoughts, her eyes suddenly gazed upon the eyes of her lover and with the slight flick of a wrist, fate had been decided.