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Gordon Hollingshead was involved in the production of The Jazz Singer, the first sound movie. (Thanhouser). He was educated in St. Bernard’s school and he was related to Robert E. Lee. Hollingshead was a photographer in WW1. He also suffered a fire in 1946, but luckily survived. Hollingshead died on July 8, 1952, in Balboa, CA(Thanhouser). Gordon Hollingshead created the first sound movie, he used persistence to innovate ways to overcome being told by critics that The Jazz Singer was going to be a failure, and he illuminated the world by letting people hear sound movies.


Gordon Hollingshead created The Jazz Singer. (Thanhouser) The Jazz Singer is the first sound film ever made. The movie is about a 13 year old boy named Jackie Rabirowitz. Jackie loves jazz, but his strict father doesn't share his passion.Instead Jackie’s father is a cantor at a synagogue. Mr.Rabirowitz would like his son to follow in his footsteps, but Jackie loves jazz too much to agree to his father’s terms. Jackie runs away from home, stopping only long enough to get a cherished picture of his mother. Years after he runs away,he meets a lady named Mary who is eager to help him with his career. …show more content…

He did because he was a director and all directors strive for accuracy.He understood the way it felt to act because he played in many movies himself, like Human Hearts and A Fool There Was(Thahouser). Also, he was assistant director in The Jazz Singer.The Jazz Singer was the first ever sound movie made(Wikipedia) Critics thought it would be a deterioration, because people were so accustomed to silent pictures. Nevertheless, the Jazz Singer was a big hit thanks to Alan Crosland(Main director) and Gordon Hollingshead(Assistant director). There was a big hurdle in the way, which was, will the public like sound pictures? Gordon Hollingshead jumped over that hurdle and The Jazz Singer was a tremendous

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