The Inspirations of Steven Spielberg

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Schindler’s List, Jaws, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Jurassic Park, notable movies all directed by the inspiring person; Steven Spielberg. He even produced the Transformers series. No one really knows who Steven Spielberg really is, however, everyone is familiar with the movies he has produced and directed. Steven Spielberg was born December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio.2 “To deal with stress he would make movies which would be his shield against bullies at school, trouble at home, and any issues he dealt with.”1 He was the oldest child of three sisters. He loved to frighten them even though, surprisingly, he was scared of the same things they were, however, he learned to overcome his fears by making his sisters more scared than he was. Even though he had a rough time at school, making family movies gave him more self-confidence. Steven Spielberg and his dad did not get along as much because his dad was more of a practical person and more of a workaholic. His dad was trying to provide for his family any way he could. His mom was more of the artistic and creative one and, she was the one who convinced Steven Spielberg to use his feelings to make great movies. His mom was the one who got him his first camera. Steven Spielberg acknowledged his mom as the inspiration for his movies. He and his father clashed often as he transitioned into high school and his dad pressured him more than ever to follow him in his footsteps. Steven Spielberg had little interest in math and science. In high school, he was ostracized because being social and outgoing did not come natural to him. Unfortunately, he could not seek refuge in his parents because they were going through a stressful period in their marriage.3 His father was, often, on business ... ... middle of paper ... ...can be really immature with what they have seen because they do not know how to process things the way adults do. Steven Spielberg has managed to water down things made for adults and make them better suited for teenagers. He keeps in mind that they are still children. Steven inspires teenagers everywhere when his movies premiere on the big screen and you are captivated by his artistic abilities. Works Cited Parish, James Robert. "Movies As A Way Of Life." Steven Spielberg, filmmaker. New York: Ferguson, 2004. 5-26. Print. Powers, Tom. "The Weird Skinny Kid." Steven Spielberg: master storyteller. Minneapolis, [Minn.: Lerner Publications Co., 1997. 13-49. Print. Spielberg, Steven, Lester D. Friedman, and Brent Notbohm. "At Sea With Spielberg." Steven Spielberg: interviews. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2000. 5-105. Print. MLA formatting by

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