The Influence of the 1913 Lockout

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In this essay, we will examine the 1913 Lockout and how the Lockout influenced the future landscape of an Independent Ireland. We will look at the prelude to the Lockout and the outcomes of the Lockout. We will trace the issues that brought about the Lockout and we will analyse how the Lockout steered Ireland in a direction it could not change. Throughout the United Kingdom, the divisions between the labour movement and employers had deepened greatly in the early years of the twentieth century. Strikes had occurred frequently in many places, but it seemed that industrial relations were becoming more settled in the beginning of the second decade of the century. For the most part, Dublin had escaped labour unrest. In 1900, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce confidently declared ‘We are pleased to note the growing disposition of all classes to unite in promoting the best interests of our country’. This harmony did not last and in 1913, the Labour movement in Dublin became involved in a serious conflict with the employers, known as the Lockout. A major issue during this period was housing. Most people today would believe that everyone has the right to live in a clean and safe environment. This clean and safe environment certainly did not exist for all those who lived in Dublin. At the time of the Lockout, many unskilled workers lived in extreme poverty. Housing conditions were appalling and many people were exposed to disease and infection. Overcrowding in large houses called tenements aided this spread of disease. The slums of Dublin were as bad as anywhere at the time. Over twenty thousand families lived in a one-room dwelling. Upper class houses of past were converted to allow greedy property owners to have as many tenants as possible... ... middle of paper ... ... the Ireland of 1913’ Dorney, John, ‘Class War in Dublin – The Lockout of 1913’ O’Riordan, Tomás A, ‘Dublin, 1913—Strike and Lockout’ Dorney, John, ‘Remembering the Lockout’. 27th August 2013 The Dublin 1913 Lockout Yeates, Padraig, ‘The Dublin 1913 Lockout’ Published in 20th-century / Contemporary History, Features, Issue 2 (Summer 2001), Volume 9. McCabe, Conor, ‘Your only God is profit’: Irish class relations and the 1913 Lockout ’ in David Convery (ed) Locked Out: A Century of Irish Working-Class Life (Dublin: Irish Academic Press 2013). Connolly, James, The Workers' Republic: A Selection from the Writings of James Connolly (NuVision Publications, LLC, 1951).

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