The Importance Of Work In Social Work

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Introduction As a Social Workers main goal should be providing the most adequate care to a client to aid a client as well as lead them to be self sufficient. To do this a key competent a social worker needs to be aware of is respecting the dignity and worth of each clients. This is especially necessary when practicing social work in a medical field where a client may feel limited self-worth and dignity, while dealing with the struggles which come from being injured and ill. Key Components Working in Social Work the care and needs of the clients are the primary component. As stated by the Code of Ethics the core values are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. Dealing with clients who have been through a great deal need to understand the and respect the dignity and worth of each client to provide sufficient help. As a social worker one needs to respect every client, understanding the clients cultural difference and where they may come from. As a social worker ones ethical service to a client is to be culturally competent and socially diverse; this includes recognizing ones behaviors and strengths that exist in all cultures, being educated of all cultures a social worker works with, and understand how race,…show more content…
When considering a patients need to conserve dignity, according to Charlotte potter, one should consider ones attitude, behaviors, compassion, and dialogue. Assumptions made of clients due to age, disability, and current state, should challenged, ones capabilities should never be considered limited due to first impressions. As a social worker one should be encourage independence from their client, educating them on how to better themselves, so a client can respect themselves and feel comfortable

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