The Importance Of Teaching Grit

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Academic excellence is thought to be a very high-prioritized achievement in today’s society, and in order to reach many goals of success knowledge is the key. Although knowledge is very helpful, without grit you will never achieve great things. Everything that you will accomplish will only come if you are persistent, dedicated, and hard working. Those qualities make up a person’s grit, which should be taught in college composition classes at Central Methodist University. “Energy and persistence conquers all things.” (Benjamin Franklin). Persistence is a characteristic that doesn’t allow someone to give up when doing something challenging. This is a great quality to have when trying to achieve anything you engage in, because along the way you will face many challenging things that will make…show more content…
You can teach grit through books, practice, and example. Teacher can assign books that explain and give example of girt. After reading the books, discussions about grit can be held discussing wither they agree or disagree with it. That will let them hear other student’s ideas about the topic, and also let the teacher understand how to help them learn how to be gritty. Teacher can practice grit by challenging students with daily challenges, giving them problems and not letting them move on until they figure it out. This would be a frustrating challenge, but it would give students a feeling of accomplishment after figuring out the challenges. The most important thing when teaching grit is that the teacher portrays grit as well. A teacher can’t teach a class the importance of persistence, dedication, and hard work if they’re not going to set a good example. Throughout life grit should be taught to students in order to achieve great things. It would be a great for Central to start teaching it in the Composition courses for it is a quality that will take individuals very far in life. When the going gets tough, grit will help to pursue great
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