The Importance Of Society Standards

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As students finish their last year of high school and get ready to take on college they will realize that they are not even close to being ready to take on the next step of life. As life advances in technology, classes are becoming harder and take more brain power to work out problems or write papers. Students are not used to using their brains because in high school their main focuses are on test and to maintain their GPA. When students move on to college to further their education and then suddenly fail, fingers are pointed at who 's to blame. Society standards continue to rise and many students can not keep up and begin to struggle emotionally. When schools are not as good as the neighboring schools, the school board must be at fault. While…show more content…
As students apply for colleges, many of the seniors fail to meet the requirements that are set because major universities are looking for the best of the best to attend. To attend a major university, students must take the ACT to see if they meet the standards set before they get to attend. College admission counselor, Kat Cohen,stated in an interview " becomes necessary to get an SAT/ACT score within the range of the averages at that school, or certain applications won 't even be considered." (Cohen 1)Each school across the nation has its own standard and many schools will twist the truth just to sound better than the other schools. Taking into consideration that every teacher in every school do not give the exact test, saying one school has better grades than another school is a false argument. Since schools do not have the same requirements to meet, the students will never be on the same level. Timothy Truesdale said "You 're potentially sending a message that it 's OK for some kids to not do as well…”(Popham 2) Its bad enough that students are constantly worrying if they have met the standards, when the standards are continuing to change. Students wanting to further their education should not have to worry about meeting a university 's…show more content…
Many teacher 's jobs are threatened when their classes test scores are not at the level they should be. Frances Banales says, "We must get the testing scores increased...Everything is overshadowed by one high-stakes test.”(Overman 2) A teacher must teach the material that is on the end of the year state test in the allotted time of a school year. To fit all the material in a school year, a teacher must prepare the students and themselves for the test. This is not teaching the students anything besides how to test and that is why students are not ready for college. Richard says, "...the time spent on schooling students in the techniques of test taking--how to fill in answer sheet bubbles, whether to guess or not, what to do when time runs short, and so on?”(Phelps 1) Teachers are so focused on the test scores reflecting back on the teacher and not focused on if students actually learn the material. Students are taught to use their short term memory to remember the material for the test in a week rather than leaning the material for a lifetime. Students get to college and are lost because they do not remember any of the coursework. Linda says, "Individual teacher 's scores do not accurately reveal their ability to teach.” (Hammond 2) Stressing over test scores is what every teacher does, while students are not
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