The Importance Of My Dreams To Study Law

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It all began at earth and I aspire to reach the stars… After I finished high school I had no idea what profession I should pursue, I did not know what appealed to me, what is it that I wanted? But my predicament was ephemeral, since my father always had a plan for me which I was not aware of. My father had a dream in his eyes soaring high since his formative college years, the dream to study law. He could never fulfill his desire because of financial issues—my father hails from a farming family—my grandfather only had enough resources to properly cloth and feed his 6 children, the possibility of providing a higher education to one of them was far-fetched and incomprehensible for him. But my father was never dissuaded he worked hard and made…show more content…
When I first began, studying law was only an unfulfilled dream for me, something that I must complete and see through so that I can give my father the satisfaction he wanted for ages. But little did I knew then that this fascinating field would never let go of me. It grew on me, captivated me and widened my horizons. I discovered my inner sense of justice, all those childhood instances and memories when I would question right and wrong, when I would fight for a cause, or just being rebellious knowing that I’m not at fault and that justice should prevail; everything started making sense. It was like reading the chapters of my life again but with the glasses of law, and everything was suddenly sharp and clear. Studying law felt so natural to me that I excelled in all of my classes. I felt drawn to it, I wanted to learn more, to know more and in my urge to satiate my hunger I emerged as a topper in my year. I received a scholarship for my performance and I held my position for three continuous years. For my professors, classmates, and friends the reason that I had such a good grip in my field was because I was a topper, but in reality being a topper was the by-product of my natural proclivity towards…show more content…
But for me scoring good in the exam was but a sliver of the full picture, and the only way to comprehend the beauty of this sight was by sharing my vision, by enabling others to see what I had glimpsed at. I knew what I truly wanted, I wanted everyone to understand that law is the ultimate path which can lead us to a better world where everyone has discovered their true sense of justice, within them. The dream is lofty I realized that, but I had the instrument to achieve it, I knew I had to educate, I had to teach. This monumental revelation is fortuitous in some sense, earlier I was indulged in self liberation through knowledge but until I taught one of my friends (who generally scored low in exams) at her behest I never fully realized the power of teaching. Everyone was surprised to see her semester result when she managed to secure a SGPA of 7.2, but my happiness was twofold in the sense that I knew a way to materialize my

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