The Importance Of Inclusion System In Education

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Academic performances of the students are the main focus of the teacher. They give their best just to make sure that their students are learning. Every student is willing to learn and to gain knowledge in various ways, even children with disabilities is not exempted for that. This system really helps the students with disabilities to learn together with regular students, and also it’s their happiness to be with regular students. Although inclusion system is a pleasure for children with disabilities because learning knows no bound, the researchers believe that inclusion system affects the classroom instructions, affects the teacher herself and affects the academic performances of students in West City Elementary, SY 2014-2015. Inclusion system,…show more content…
Friendship may also develop. Schools are important places for children to develop friendships and learn social skills. Children with and without disabilities learn with and from each other in inclusive classes. In inclusive classrooms, children with and without disabilities are expected to learn to read, write and do math. With higher expectations and good instruction children with disabilities learn academic skills. Education can be powerful tool to unify the students with disabilities and those without them (Mowat, 2010). All children learn by being together, because the philosophy of inclusive education is aimed at helping all children learn, everyone in the class benefits. Children learn at their own pace and style within a nurturing and learning environment and also they can interact socially. This factor is very important for those children with disabilities for the reason that this factor could help them rebuild their self-esteem and self-confidence to themselves. A child can also become more active in classroom if he/she would develop that kind of attitude to himself. Parents must also feel that in the regular…show more content…
And so they could also learn other things from the other normal children if they would become friends already. A special educator must focus among those students that have exceptionalities because that is their field of study. Special educator would be for special children that parents wanted to have their children, because they know that a special educator can fulfill the academic needs of every student with special needs. Palmer, Fuller, Arora and Nelson (2001) analyzed the comments of 140 parents of students with sever disabilities who were in special education settings to identify the reasons for their support of, or resistance to, inclusive education. This system may be a path for the special children to be with normal ones, and with parents they thought this could really help their children to improve performances. Inclusion System affects the Teacher itself. Among the advantages of inclusion system, let's consider the disadvantages the most. To the point that every children with disability needs an extra care and attention to an adult or even to a teacher for the reason that they manifest things different from the normal beings. They may manifest behaviors
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