The Importance Of Documentary Photography And Documentary

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Discuss and reflect upon issues presented during class lecture. The issue that was presented during class was “Documentary Photography” and “Documentary film”. We looked at early history documentary pioneer work such as, “Russell Lee” “Dorothea Lange”, “Mary Ellen Mark” and “Pare Lorenz”. How their documentary works has influenced throughout the year and illustrated historical evidence of that period. Russell lee documented the great depression by photographing the event, which became an icon images to the audiences of great depression (financial crisis). This kind of event, lead people to not having works, which meant – not able to feed the people, leading them to war. War meant a good business for USA. Traditional documentary were often based on events that took place in that period, such as financial crisis, world war and etc.…show more content…
“One of the new genres of "documentary expression" that emerged during these years was documentary film” quoted by Huffman. Image can represent both positive and negative aspect to either encourage or discourage the audiences on issues that was reveal on the photograph. The images of people shown during the great depression era, this created a fact that America was about to collapse, which showed the actual reality of great depressions in America. (Nicole Huffman - New Frontiers in the American Documentary film 1930-1942). Huffman states that “Using the camera, artists could capture a worker 's revolt, a poor farmer and his family trying to survive on the overworked land and the impact of the machine on man and the land.” It defines that there was no other machine that was well-suited to capture the social realism movement (problems and hardships of everyday life). Huffman also states by quoting that using social documentary such as photograph could “show the things that had to be corrected" and encourage improvements in

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