The Importance Of Censorship Essay

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Protecting the Innocent: An essay on Censorship What would happen if anyone in the world could obtain access to potentially dangerous information? Should this “potentially dangerous” information be concealed? Throughout history, many people have argued over whether certain material and information should be kept confidential and the verdict remains unsolved to this day. Although it is widely disputed, censorship is vital because it protects children, reduces unnecessary awareness, and protects the military. The first reason censorship is important is because it protects the nation’s children. In an online sourcebook, James Fieser mentions the fact that censorship protects children. He says,” Censorship shelters children from ideas that may…show more content…
In an article produced by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, it is written that, “…starting with the Korean War and then Vietnam, the press took an increasingly independent and critical view of the military…When the war in Southeast Asia finally ended, many in the military blamed the press for ‘losing Vietnam’” (Press Freedom versus Military Censorship). This quote expresses the fact that if military censorship would have been present during the Vietnam War, optimism about the war would likely have been higher and in turn, the United States would have had a better chance of winning. This is important because it enforces the argument that censorship should…show more content…
First, some believe that that censorship violates Americans’ first amendment right. The first amendment, located in the Bill of Rights, gives United States citizens gives the freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and most relevant, speech. Some argue that censorship violates this right. This is untrue. In a 1972 court cased titled Miller v California, Miller was convicted for campaigning and distributing obscene materials. The court case was over whether or not charging him for this was unconstitutional. In the end, “the Court held that obscene materials did not enjoy First Amendment protection” (Miller v California). This shows that certain types of censorship do not violate U.S. citizens’ first amendment right. Next, some people believe that censorship grants the government too much power. In an article on the Washington Times, Tony Blankley recalls the events of September 11th, 2001 and then writes, “Aside from establishing a regime for handling captured foreign terrorists, the curtailments largely consisted of common-sense enhancements in the power of intelligence agencies to monitor terrorism suspects and access their personal record” (Blankley). Here, Blankley is saying that it is important for the government to step in and have control at certain times. This expresses the statement that censorship does not give the government too much power and that it is not a negative thing, which

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