The Importance Of Being A Stay Home Mother

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Why did you choose to be a stay at home mother? ”I chose to be a stay home mom because since I decided to be a mother I wanted to be part of each step in my kids life. Supporting them emotionally and academically. Having the chance to see them grow in this long journey is beautiful and heart-warming. I enjoy all phases in our life; I will have time to think about my career at the right moment but not now. What are your strongest character traits that support you in this? ”I think mothers have common character traits that help us to raise our children which is to be a hard worker, be patient, to have perseverance, tolerance, be understanding, and determination. These are some of the values that help me to try to be a better mother and give…show more content…
Also it’s very important to me to have empathy with others and understand that we are all different and unique and that everyone is important no matter what. If you decide to be a stay home mother, you don’t owe anyone any sort of explanation regarding why, its your own decision and if you have the chance to do its a great option because not all women have the chance to do so” Who or what has inspired you? Why? ” I got inspired by my mother because she did not have the chance to stay at home with my sister and me. She tried to be the best even if she was not able to be with us all the time. She was a teacher and she had many things to do most of the time. I tried to do what she taught me to do, her values and morals gave me a strong foundation in my life to share with my family.” What is the most difficult/frightening aspect of what you have done? How do you over come your fears? ”I think the most difficult is to inspire and motivate my kids to be good in their life in all aspects as an individual. In other hand, I think most of the things we mostly fear about never happen, so fear is the worst thing that will happen to us and that put limits to our
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