The Importance Of Being A Refugee

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Many refugees coming from overseas will normally take a boat or a plane in search for asylum. For example in the book (Inside out and Back again) a young girl named Ha and her family flee to the United States from South Vietnam. Her and her family take a boat to an island where they stay at a refugee camp. From the poem (Floating) on page 73 it states “Our ship creeps along the river route without lights without cooking without bathrooms.” This is showing us the conditions of traveling on a boat. But once they arrive they often have to face very dreadful living conditions. Most refugees start by living in a refugee camp which can be hard at times. In the poem (Tent City) on page 96 it states “Many others arrived before us and are living in green tents and sleeping on cots.” This gives the full perspective of how coming into the camps are very overwhelming for people. This continues to show the struggle of travel and living for refugees. Refugees also experience a lot of lost on pain. Which can be difficult for a person especially when they have…show more content…
But it is also very hard being a refugee and leaving your home because you are no longer safe there. It brings together the full understanding of being a refugee whether you are trying to fit in at school or you are just trying to get a decent job. But this is not just for refugees that could to america it is for refugees that are all over the world trying to fit into a new environment. It is also trying to understand the meaning of being apart if two different cultures and it is all very hard for a person to take in all at once. The refugee experience is studied all across america and the world. It is brought to the attention of many young people the struggle of having to move from one country to the next. Having to experience death and destruction to the one place you call home. But it is never going to be put into full

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