The Importance Of Being A Bystander

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Most people just complain about the wickedness and the corruption of society, and they do not realize that they are contributing to the problem by doing nothing to stop it and just being mere bystanders. Bystanders are those individuals that do not take part in events despite being present during those times. In spite of the consequences that it entails being a bystander, this kind of behavior is usually driven by the desire to avoid problems. In order to avoid this misleading mentality, many philosophers and social activists have advocated against people being bystanders. An individual should not be a bystander because being a bystander is morally incorrect, inhuman, and harmful. In most countries, allowing an injustice to take place is seen as something unethical, and for that reason, it is evident that being a bystander is morally incorrect. This is demonstrated in the article, “We Are Living Through a…show more content…
This is demonstrated in the letter, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” in which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. defends his decision to taking direct action in the city of Birmingham. He states that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (King 1). This demonstrates how being a bystander just leads to everyone being harmed since allowing an injustice to occur leads to the suffering of many people. Allowing injustices to take place enables evil and corruption to expand, and that leads to people being oppressed and discriminated. Even when the bystander tries to avoid problems by not joining the conflict, he is just bringing more problems to himself because he is allowing his community to be harmed. A bystander subconsciously harms himself by allowing others to be harmed. Therefore, the detrimental effects of being a bystander confirm why an individual should not be
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